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Reviews for "Stepping Into Stand-Up Comedy"
Online Course

I enjoyed learning how to write a range of different jokes and then how to swap and move around your bits and chunks to make your act really versatile... Alfie leaves you space so you can get on with it, make your own mistakes, find your own voice... and still get laughs. I totally recommend
Stepping Into Stand-Up Comedy
Sam, london
The course has offered me invaluable insight into theory, writing skills and the circuit as a whole and how to get and make the most out of it. It’s helped me progress and given me the skills I needed to overcome a rut.
Alfie explains the mechanics of comedy like a true stand-up maven. Each manageable but comprehensive lesson offers guidance in a relaxed, personable and measured manner.
I cannot recommend it enough, do not hesitate in purchasing this brilliant course.
Hannah, london
I wish I took the course
Stepping Into  Stand-Up Comedy earlier.
I could have avoided many painful mistakes.
But they say better later than never. Course was very helpful. I immediately restructured the text of my set and it really worked. Great support and tips are in this course. After I’d gone through this one I could not stop and bought Alfies' other online course, How to Be a Brilliant Stand- Up Comedy MC. Still going through it. Fascinating and encouraging!
I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the course, which I shall return to again and again… a real treat to myself.

This course has well-structured lessons and as a result I have been able to develop material pretty quickly. It has improved my confidence and Alfie is clearly very knowledgeable. Stepping Into Stand-Up is a must for anyone interested in getting into stand-up comedy.

The best part of this course for me is the flexibility to study at my own pace and to not have to commit to being at a place at a certain time every week... I have been using the skills and exercises the course gave me to write material and then test it out in front of audiences. Getting good results. I believe this course has made me a better stand-up and, because the resources are all accessible online, I can return to them, it continues help me improve as a comedian.

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Reviews for "How to be a Brilliant Stand-Up Comedy MC"
Online Course

I took this course after I started running my own open mic comedy night and I can honestly say it’s essential for anyone considering MCing. It’s perfectly broken up into individual sections so I can dip in and out as and when I need to. I’ve managed to avoid all the rookie mistakes I definitely would have made without the course and in just a few short weeks, everyone has been saying how much I’ve improved on stage. This is excellent value for money, but you can’t put a price on the experience Alfie is passing on. 10/10.
I undertook Alfie's MC course as I really wanted to improve my onstage persona, build my confidence in front of a crowd, and gain longer on stage to try material too.
The course was great, bringing theory and practice into one efficient place, and explaining clearly the fundamentals of being a fantastic MC. Alfie delivered a clear progression of easy to apply ideas which would be more than enough to make you feel confident enough to go and try MC, or to improve your MCing skills. Loads of tricks of the trade are shared and ideas on how to manage as many potential scenarios as possible. A cracking course for all.
Glad I found the course - it’s the most thoroughly thought out course I’ve seen so far - and I’ve done a few of them. On and offline. 

I’ve really enjoyed the online MCing course from Alfie Noakes. 
Professionally made and easy to follow, nicely segmented, and fun!


Alfies lessons have helped me improve my stand up comedy in numerous ways. Most notably my ability to analyse my own sets when looking back at it. Prior to his classes I had been basing my editing purely on laughter and a couple comments from trusted friends but thanks to Alfie's in depth analysis of my stand up set I am slowly starting to learn how to approach my own stand up in different ways. It is a learning process so I am not there yet but he has helped me solidify a foundation to build from.


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Reviews for 1-2-1 Comedy Coaching

He (Alfie) speaks a mile-a-minute, throws so much valuable information at you and I learned an awful lot from it  I would highly recommend him and I'm looking forward to my next session. 
Alfie Noakes has done more for comedy than microphones... His intuition is seriously impressive... we came up with a strategy to improve some weaker bits... do give Alfie a shot, regardless of your experience level.
I felt I had reached a plateau with regard to my comedy development. I was stuck. To help me gain a new perspective I called on Alfie. I found these sessions to be very illuminating. I was introduced to a crowd work technique that I was unaware of along with the preparatory work required to use it. I also came to appreciate why it is that audiences warm quicker to some acts than to others.... The conversations I had with Alfie helped me renew the pursuit of my comedy goals with renewed vigour. 

I have been doing stand-up in France for the last 20 years... I needed a good coach and mentor... Alfie is 1 of the best English stand-up comedy coaches... brilliant, great fun and he really knows stand-up comedy...


He (Alfie) is fantastic at understanding me as a comic... he has a way of making it interactive and in a way I can learn at my speed... the skills he has given me, I have been using week after week. In terms of quick wins and also how to improve my overall performance and joke-writing... highly recommended.



Thank you for sharing your expertise and helping me to get my set into shape. Your experienced outside eye and suggestions have guided me to develop the set I started from and make it 10x punchier! I've definitely got my money's worth.


I knew I needed to get my script tighter but didn't have the time to gig as much as I would need. Alfie was great at running me through the tips and tricks of writing and editing my set and explaining anything I didn't understand. I've been given "homework" for in between sessions to further understand what I've been taught. Alfie has been super helpful and I would recommend anyone who needs help with their script to book some sessions with him!



Reviews for the Live and In-Person
"MCing for Open Mic" Workshop

A must for first time MC’s! I applied for the workshop as I was about to start running a new act night and had never MC’d before. I was after some guidance and tips and this certainly delivered. Alfie was friendly and welcoming, and provided an open space to ask questions and practice newly learned techniques. I was left with a treasure trove of notes that I still refer to... accompanied by detailed and honest feedback from Alfie... I hadn’t seen him MC before the course but you could tell from his passion when delivering the workshop that he lived and breathed it and having seen him strut his stuff on stage since, I’m pleased to say my view has not changed!
I have known Alfie a long time, having performed in his rooms on many occasions. Wanting to expand my comedy range and move into MCing and running shows, as well as simply performing, I took his live MCing workshop.
I always knew Alfie was a very experienced MC and was a safe pair of hands, having been MCed by him many times myself. The workshop was packed with lots of tips and ideas that have been incredibly helpful to me as an act, an MC and as a promoter. Plus, we had a lot of laughs throughout the day. Highly recommended.
I attended Alfie's MC course at the weekend and I am still buzzing from it actually.
It was packed with useful and practical advice, run a gig, host any kind of show. I work in the corporate world so I found it useful for many different aspects.
I highly recommend it and I will be looking to get further advice from him.

I wasn't sure what to expect at a live Workshop on the art of MCing a comedy show. I went along as I thought it may help with my ambitions to be a TV presenter and actor. I was delighted, so much information but also laughed throughout the day with other funny people. Alfie has so much great info, things you just wouldn't think of until you would try and fail. My confidence is so much higher now than before, have some effective techniques for speaking to crowds and knowing I can get laughs. Highly recommended, Alfie really knows what he is talking about.


Alfie delivers a useful and helpful workshop providing valuable insights into being a successful MC. I took the workshop because I wanted to learn how to MC, in order to start my own night up. The workshop covers everything needed to run a fun and effective open mic show. We also had an opportunity to put into practice what we learned during the workshop. Alfie is funny and delivers the workshop in an informative manner. He has a wealth of knowledge that he is happy to share.
I have since been running a very successful comedy night for many years Thoroughly recommended!


I attended the MCing open mic comedy with Alfie Noakes and it was well worth the investment.
Packed full of useful titbits, it was clear Alfie knew his stuff based on experience.
The 2nd part of the day we were able to have a go at practicing the skills we learned and it was then that I realised it's not as easy as it looks.
I would definitely recommend if you want to get your night off to a flying start!


I took the We Are Funny Project workshop for open mic MCs back in 2019.
I now host pro and semi shows on a regular basis. Money well spent.


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Reviews for the Live and In-Person
"Punch Up Your Stand-Up" Workshop 

Went to the "Punch up your stand up" event. Very well presented, the feedback was honest and extremely helpful. Would highly recommend
james, london
I did the "In-Person Workshop, Punch-Up Your Stand Up With Alfie Noakes".
It was an excellent course, especially for a novice like myself. Alfie has a no-nonsense approach when teaching the course. Plus, he provided honest feedback for all the acts that got to perform their 5 minutes of material, where they went wrong, how they can improve on a joke or their set to get maximum laughs.
Great value for money, highly recommended.
Just did the Punch Up Your Comedy workshop with Alfie and it was brilliant. I got some lovely feedback and loads of ideas. I left feeling validated, excited to get back on stage and completely exhausted with all the information! Would recommend to absolutely everyone.

A really fun comedy class (Punch Up Your Stand Up) at We Are Funny Project. Alfie was able to provide constructive feedback on how to improve my current 5min set, and gave lots of top tips and advice throughout the day, which was really helpful for me.


I did Alfie's comedy day course this Saturday. I got a lot out of the session; joke formation, golden rules, tags, editing and a lot more. Looking forward to performing soon with what I learnt.


I went to the comedy workshop and was told a few things I had a gut feeling about. I came away clearer about aspects of my act. It was worth the trip to London in a good environment too.


A Mish-Mash of Reviews for Live and Online
Comedy Learning

Alfie's MCing course is money well spent. Everything about the art is covered in detail – thinking on your feet, boundaries, crowd work and importantly, enabling the comics to make it a great night. Do this course, you'll learn than more you expect.
I booked a session with Alfie after about
2 months of gigging on the open mic circuit. I’d studied performing arts so didn’t feel like I needed a full comedy course, but rather some direction to help me get started and figure out what I was doing, especially given I was brand new to comedy. Alfie really helped me to figure out some initial ideas and encouraged me to develop as a performer. Alfie’s knowledge of films, and imagery were probably the best aspect, and it definitely suited my vision in terms of the kind of comedian I wanted to be. I would deffo recommend Alfie’s 1-2-1 sessions to others who are looking to enhance their performance, or just think differently about the way they perform comedy. 
bryan, sunderland
I decided to take the “Stepping Into Stand-Up Comedy” course because I had been gigging for a little bit and really enjoying myself, I felt like audiences were responsive but there was so much to learn and I knew I was making obvious mistakes... The course is an absolute goldmine of handy tips and useful advice from someone who‘s seen it all. You don’t quite realise until you see it all presented in this course how many simple things you can do to make your own life easier as a performer so you can concentrate on enjoying yourself and improving your comedy. What I particularly liked about the course was the easy to use structure, it’s divided neatly into topics so it was easy to click between the areas I wanted to work on and easy to re-watch specific parts to review. The course really made me rethink my attitudes to joke writing and performing and has inspired me to break out of old habits and try new things and bring a lot more energy to my future gigs, 

Alfie helped me focus on what I needed to keep, what I needed to improve
and most importantly what I needed to ditch.


I was looking to improve my performance and script for an upcoming wedding that I’m giving a speech at. It was really useful having constructive feedback on what needed work and how to improve parts and get to another set of ears. Alfie took a LOT of his time to review things and I couldn’t appreciate it more, way more time than I possibly could have imaged. What surprised me most was the attention to small details I hadn’t thought of... like how parts of it would make others feel. I’d definitely recommend it for any best man or any speech that you want to improve on.


I received tuition from Alfie when I was less than 20 gigs in comedy, I am now close to 100 and his advice really helped. He helped me understand the industry better and also helped me understand what should go into a comedy set. The tuition also helped me improve my existing set and write more jokes with his methods in mind. Overall it was great working with him and I recommend this course. Things have been going well since for me and I do have to credit his help as a very effective starting point.


I did the online 'Stepping into Stand up Comedy" course when I had done only 12 performances... This course brought my motivation back. It was both informative, and easy to understand, as it was reinforced by providing excellent examples. The joke writing methods, and performance techniques, I found were invaluable. I would definitely recommend this course, I feel more inspired and excited to do more. Thank You.


I never thought that I would have the courage to stand up. Or do it well. Alfie's programme really helped me to polish up my set, and after the sessions, I felt confident to go out there and do my thing.


Alfie runs through a video of your set and, with his years of experience, breaks down all the issues he sees, in terms of your material and delivery. A lot of things he pointed out I was aware of but had been avoiding addressing and there were also some surprises. He also provided techniques and ideas for generating new material. If you follow his advice then your act is bound to become stronger.


I worked with Alfie to help me improve my material. It was apparent that my jokes were not landing. Even though you think something is funny, it does not mean everyone is going to get it. We all have different frames of reference. What I was failing to recognise was my audience.
Over the course of time I worked with Alfie, he helped me "tease out the me". What my unique selling points were, and how to use these to my advantage, and more importantly, make them funny.
Alfie was tremendously supportive. Honest with his feedback. If something doesn't work, he will tell you. No sugar coating here. And that was what I needed.
I can honestly say it was one of the best course I have done, and was worth every penny.


This is a great course! (Stepping Into Stand Up) It’s well structured and packed with solid advice, tips and exercises to help generate and perform a 5min set and get laughs (the section on status, persona and body language was particularly helpful). It’s aimed at beginners but would also be good for people like me, who want to have another go at stand up after a long time out - would definitely recommend this course!


I really high recommend the comedy MCing workshop. I learned a lot of practical tips and skills, and it was great value for money.


I did the MC workshop with Alfie and it was brilliant. I learnt so much about how to MC a gig. The chance to practice MCing in a welcoming, non-judgmental environment is a highlight of the workshop. Alfie really took the time to give everyone good, specific feedback about how they can individually improve. Highly recommend for anyone thinking of MCing!


I did the MCing course - a densely packed highly valuable afternoon with everyone getting a chance to apply what they had learned and get feedback twice. Alfie is an excellent coach with the exact right balance of straight talk and encouragement. If you are thinking of MCing, this course will save you 2 years of trial an error. Can't recommend highly enough


I did a really great MCing workshop here - very thorough and well worth the (reasonable) price tag. Would definitely recommend to anybody interested in learning to MC open mic comedy shows!


Did the ‘Punch up your Stand up’ workshop. Plenty of practical, no-nonsense, personalised advice. Was given lots to think about when working on my act.


Punch up your comedy course with We Are Funny Project is a really helpful, inciteful workshop for performers. Great tips to hone your set!


Just completed Alfie’s MC course. A hell of a lot of information crammed into five hours. Any budding MC should really consider doing this course to learn about the do’s and don’ts of being a comedy MC


Found this class very informative and rewarding (Punch Up Your Stand Up). Alas! I will have to rewrite my set, but needed Alfie's guidance to point me in the right direction. Thank you so much


I attended the 'MCing open mic comedy with Alfie Noakes and it was well worth the investment.
Packed full of useful titbits, it was clear Alfie new his stuff based on experience.
The 2nd part of the day we were able to have a go at practicing the skills we learned and it was then that I realised it's not as easy as it looks!
I would definitely recommend if you want to get your night off to a flying start!


(Punch Up Your Stand Up) All the advice I got was very direct and no-nonsense (which is what I wanted!) and they really pushed you to think about your set in a different way, or suggest where you could go with it, things you might have missed etc. I was in a bit of a lull so i found it helped me a lot and gave me some direction with my comedy. Well worth the money.

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