Online 1-to-1 coaching for stand-up comedians of all types and experience levels

Get inspiring, actionable feedback on your material and performance from an MC and promoter with over 1,500 gigs to his name.
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Experienced comedians talk about 1-to-1 coaching

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"Alfie's intuition is seriously impressive... He very swiftly provided insight that I couldn't help but find incredibly accurate... We found a bunch of leaks in my game and came up with a strategy to improve... Do give Alfie a shot."


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"I have been doing stand-up in France for the last 20 years... I had always dreamed of doing stand-up in the UK. So I found one of the best English stand-up comedy coaches: Alfie Noakes. He's brilliant, great fun, and he really knows stand-up comedy."


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"I felt like I'd been grinding away for a couple of years at open-mic nights... [Alfie] really helped me look at the way I do stand-up in a new light... it's been very useful. It's given me the confidence to get better and try different things."


Why stand-up comedy coaching?

Because you can't improve what you can't see

It's practically impossible to evaluate your own performance when you are on stage. You're too busy trying to read the room and get through your set. As a result:
  • You miss out on the biggest laughs and you don't even know it
  • You struggle to make sense of mixed reactions to your new material
  • You know when something's "off" but you don't know how to fix it
  • You make changes, you don't see any improvement, and you're frustrated
You can fix all this with 1-to-1 comedy coaching, via Zoom call, with Alfie Noakes. Fix your set, find your voice, feel confident on stage.

Coaching is available in packages of two, four or six 75-minute sessions. Choose your package now, or--for even better value--check out our course + coaching bundles.
1-to-1 coaching with Alfie Noakes, via Zoom

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How does coaching work?

Get insightful feedback in 3 simple steps

step 1

Schedule your online
coaching sessions 

Choose and book two, four or six 75 minute coaching sessions on Zoom. After you book, we call you to schedule your first session.
step 2

Send us a video of your comedy performance 

Alfie Noakes, your coach, watches your video and makes notes in advance, so not a second of your coaching sessions are wasted.
step 3

Get insight and inspiration, delivered online

Together on the Zoom call, you'll pinpoint everything you need to work on, and agree actionable strategies for improvement.
What's in a coaching call?

It's your coaching session

Coaching is flexible and tailored to your exact requirements. Typically coaching covers one or more of these areas.

Your material

Generating and testing new material; fine tuning existing gags; restructuring your set

Your performance

Delivering material for maximum laughter; confidence and tackling nerves

Finding your voice

Persona and status; creating authentic new material; finding your true self on stage.

Crowd work

Reading the room; getting comfortable with crowd work; dealing with hecklers

Speeches and meetings

Finding the funny beyond the comedy stage; occasion speeches; corporate work

MC skills

Crowd work; heckler-management; spontaneous and work-in material; setting pace and tone

Comedians and MCs love coaching!

Alfie was tremendously supportive and honest with his feedback. If something doesn't work, he will tell you. That was what I needed... one of the best things I have done for my comedy... worth every penny.
Stephen W, London
Alfie helped me understand the best way to deliver my set and maximise the funny. People definitely noticed the difference... Alfie really got to know me, and tailored the advice which was great.
Brian B, London
Alfie helped me focus on what I needed to keep, what I needed to improve and, most importantly, what I needed to ditch.
Jack W, London
Alfie has MC'ed over 1,000 gigs, and promoted over 1,500! 
Meet your coach

Get access to the MC and promoter with over 1,500 gigs to his name

Alfie Noakes has been a feature of the London comedy circuit for over a decade, with his comedy shows packing out venues several nights a week, and featuring thousands of new and established acts.

Having seen first hand the obstacles faced by comedians like you, Alfie and the We Are Funny Project launched a series of stand-up skills workshops--since attended by more than 1,000 comedians--and he now offers courses online.

Alfie also provides exclusive coaching sessions to a select group of dedicated comedians who are serious about raising their game. 

Do you want insightful, actionable feedback from one of the most experienced MCs and comedy coaches in the business? Schedule a 1-to-1 session with Alfie Noakes now.
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