The online masterclass for the stand-up comedy MC. Are you ready to step up?

How To Be A Brilliant Stand-Up Comedy MC is a comprehensive online course for comedians with 50+ gigs, and MCs who want to raise their game. Get lifetime access now.
Why this course?

Everyone says you should be an MC, but...

For the first-time MC

You're getting the hang of stand-up, but MCing looks scary difficult

  • You know you lack the material to fill an entire MC gig
  • You still don't feel comfortable enough to riff spontaneously
  • You lack real experience dealing with hecklers 
  • Your crowd work sometimes flops--and you don't know why
  • You don't know if you are up to it
For the MC who wants to raise their game

You're MCing already, but you want to be better, and more consistent

  • Some shows go well, others badly--and you don't know why
  • You feel constrained as an MC, and you're playing way too safe
  • You struggle to "work in" your regular material
  • You're good with hecklers, but sometimes you lose the audience
  • You can do the housekeeping OR be funny--but not both
Crowd work, heckler-management, spontaneous and work-in material, setting the tone, even keeping the night on track and on time--it's all covered in-depth and online in How To Be A Brilliant Stand-Up Comedy MC.
How does it work?

Become a brilliant MC in 3 simple steps

step 1

Get immediate access
to the online course

For lifetime access to this course, just fill in the registration form and pay one low fee.
step 2

Watch the video lessons
and do the practical
learning exercises 

Work through the video sessions at your own pace, developing new skills as you progress.
step 3

Own the stage as you
MC your own show

After this course, you will be better prepared and ready to smash every gig.
What's included?

A practical online masterclass for the stand-up comedy MC.

  • 16 in-depth video sessions breaking down all the key skills, and setting practical tasks
  • 15 practical exercises for comedy MCs, so you will never be left floundering on stage
  • PDF summaries for you to download, recapping specific tasks and key information
  • Lifetime access to the How To Be A Brilliant Stand-Up Comedy MC course, including course updates
  • Exclusive discounts on future courses and coaching from the We Are Funny Project, delivered right to your inbox
  • Certificate of Completion so you feel less inadequate around your friend with the PhD

MCs love this course

Damn, the MC course lived up to expectations and more...  some skills are also transferable to your stand-up comedy routine. 
Alexandra K, Leicester
Being an MC is a real skill and I learned so much. I feel that, even as a stand-up, I have better abilities when doing crowd work.
Lucy O, Devon
I took the MC course from the We Are Funny Project. Really useful... I recommend it to all acts interested in exploring MCing.
Henry B, London
Alfie has MC'ed over 1,000 gigs, and promoted over 1,500! 
Meet your guide

Learn from an MC and promoter with over 1,500 gigs to his name

Alfie Noakes has been a feature of the London comedy circuit for over a decade, with his comedy shows packing out venues up to six nights a week, and featuring thousands of new and established acts.

Having seen first hand the obstacles faced by comedians like you, Alfie and the We Are Funny Project launched a series of workshops--since attended by more than 1,000 comedians--to help you develop new material, master new skills, and accelerate your comedy career.

Want to learn with one of the most experienced MCs and comedy tutors in the business? 
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