21st September 2024

Punch Up Your Stand-Up with Alfie Noakes

Punch Up Your Stand-Up with Alfie Noakes is an in-depth, in-person one-day workshop for developing or improving open mic comedians especially those with fewer than 300 gigs experience.

Book now on Eventbrite, then join us at Farr's School of Dancing in Dalston on 21st September 2024. You can also give this workshop as a gift.
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About this workshop

Workshop leader
Alfie Noakes
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What it is
This class is capped at a maximum of 10 students.

The "Early Bird" price of £50 is available until 1130pm Monday September 16th 2024 then bounces up to £60.

Who Is This Workshop For..?

New and developing or improving open mic comedians will benefit the most, specifically those with fewer than 300 gigs experience.

What To Expect From The Event

The tutor, Alfie Noakes, will open up the day with a talk packed with insights on finding comedic themes, adapting them for comedy and navigating the earlier days of your comedy hobby or career.

Each student will get up, on the stage where we host our actual live shows, and perform a 5 minute set. Alfie will provide instant feedback on what is working and how to improve it.

Perhaps, also comments on what is not working and could be dropped. Or, what could work better and how to fix that.

There is focus on performance and delivery as well as on the material itself. We're looking at how to improve your whole package.

Students will serve as one another's audience and feedback for one student could be extremely significant for another. Stand-up insights will be learned beyond the entirely individually tailored comments.
Who leads it
Alfie Noakes has been MCing and running stand-up shows for more than a decade. He created the We Are Funny Project in 2013 and has staged over 1800 open mic shows, a good few professional ones and has hosted over 30,000 sets from more than 10,000 different performers.

Alfie is definitive in his statement, "I am not a comedian."

He prides himself on taking an outsiders' perspective on performing stand-up as he views the acts up close and personal through the prism of being MC and/or booker. He has watched many acts develop over several years from first time open-miker to household name.

Alfie has witnessed pretty much every stand-up comedy (rookie) error that there is and has had the privilege to learn from some of the finest pro comedians in the world.
What people say
Michael - Just did the Punch Up Your Comedy workshop with Alfie and it was brilliant. I got some lovely feedback and loads of ideas. I left feeling validated, excited to get back on stage and completely exhausted with all the information! Would recommend to absolutely everyone.

James - Went to the punch up your stand up course. Very well presented, the feedback was honest and extremely helpful. Would highly recommend"

David - I got a lot out of the session; joke formation, golden rules, tags, editing and a lot more. Looking forward to performing soon with what I learnt."

Kevin - I went to the comedy workshop and was told a few things I had a gut feeling about. I came away clearer about aspects of my act. It was worth the trip to London in a good environment too.

Tony - Found this class very informative and rewarding. Alas! I will have to rewrite my set, but needed Alfie's guidance to point me in the right direction. Thank you so much
When it is
12:30pm to 5:30pm, 21st September 2024
where it is
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Farr's School of Dancing, 17-19 Dalston Lane, E8 3DF
How to get there
By train: Dalston Kingsland, Dalston Junction
By bus: 76, 141, 149, 242, 243, 276, 277, 488

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