Get THE online masterclass for experienced comedians PLUS 1-to-1 coaching to consolidate your learning

Are you stuck in a rut at the same old open-mic gigs? Get Stepping Forward In Stand-Up Comedy, the complete online course for experienced comedians PLUS make even faster progress with personalised 1-to-1 coaching from the course creator.
Why course + coaching?

Wherever you want to go in stand-up comedy, get there faster 

Are you stuck in a rut at the same old open-mic gigs, while your peers are heading for television and the pro circuit? Stepping Forward In Stand-Up Comedy is here to help you stand out from your peers and move up. To your first headline spot. To the pro circuit. To television. Or even to the big international festivals. 

Wherever you want to go in stand-up comedy, this complete online course teaches you a systematic process to get there.

Watch this intro video now to learn more:
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But if you are really serious about making the next breakthrough in your comedy career, you will want personalised feedback as well, from an experienced comedy professional. Feedback helps you consolidate your learning and progress faster.

1-to-1 coaching, via Zoom call, from Alfie Noakes, fills that feedback gap. Alfie is one of the most experienced MCs and promoters in the business, and he is uniquely qualified to offer the actionable feedback you need at this stage of your career.

Together, over two 75-minute coaching sessions, you will build on your new knowledge and skills, fine tune key aspects of your performance, and get your comedy career moving in the right direction.

Even better, when you buy course and coaching together, you make a big saving off the combined cost.. So enrol now. Your days of being stuck in a rut are numbered.
1-to-1 coaching reviews

Experienced comedians talk about 1-to-1 coaching

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"Alfie's intuition is seriously impressive... He very swiftly provided insight that I couldn't help but find incredibly accurate... We found a bunch of leaks in my game and came up with a strategy to improve... Do give Alfie a shot."


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"I have been doing stand-up in France for the last 20 years... I had always dreamed of doing stand-up in the UK. So I found one of the best English stand-up comedy coaches: Alfie Noakes. He's brilliant, great fun, and he really knows stand-up comedy."


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"I felt like I'd been grinding away for a couple of years at open-mic nights... [Alfie] really helped me look at the way I do stand-up in a new light... it's been very useful. It's given me the confidence to get better and try different things."


How does course + coaching work?

Step forward in stand-up comedy in 3 simple steps

step 1

Get lifetime access
to the online course

For lifetime access to the course AND two 75 minute coaching sessions via Zoom, take 30 seconds now to complete one simple enrolment form and pay one discounted fee.
step 2

Watch the video lessons
and do the practical
learning exercises 

Work through the video sessions, to systematically create the comedy breakthroughs you are looking for.
step 3

Keep on improving with 1-to-1 coaching via Zoom

After you've completed the course, 1-to-1 coaching is the key to those further breakthroughs you can't make alone.
Course Contents

A practical online masterclass for the stand-up comedy MC

Enrol now to start learning, and make a big saving off the combined cost when you buy course + coaching.
Why this course?

Take your next step on the comedy ladder

If you are going to move on from five-minute spots and familiar gigs, you need to shake things up. That's why, in Stepping Forward In Stand-Up Comedy, you will expand your comedy mindset and step into the shoes of a film-maker, key crew members and even entire movie production departments. Just click the plus signs to learn how this new approach can transform your stand-up.

If film-making on a stand-up course sounds weird, remember: the goal is to help you shake things up. Because what got you here won't get you there. 

Rest assured: the film-making process is robust and time tested. It's sufficiently different from your current practice to break you out of any kind of creative rut. And it's a process you can apply not just to your next set, but to your whole comedy career.

Learn how these roles can transform your stand-up

Enrol now to start learning, and make a big saving off the combined cost when you buy course + coaching.

Experienced comedians love us

Invaluable... This course brought my motivation back... Informative, easy to understand, and reinforced by excellent examples.
Tony, London
I started with a course, which was amazing... then moved on to 1-to-1 coaching. We went through my stand-up routines in a forensic fashion, yet had such lot of fun on the way.
John H., London
Really pushed me to think about my set in a different way... I was in a bit of a lull so I found it helped me a lot... Well worth the money.
Babetta, London
Alfie has MC'ed over 1,000 gigs, and promoted over 1,500! 
Meet your guide

Learn from a uniquely qualified MC, comedy tutor and coach.

Alfie Noakes is uniquely qualified to teach a course that brings film-making techniques to stand-up comedians.

Not only has Alfie been a feature of the London comedy circuit for over a decade, with his comedy shows packing out venues up to six nights a week, he is also an accomplished film journalist, and a television writer, producer, and director. You will have seen his shows on Channel 4, Channel 5, Universal and MTV.

Alfie has put over 8000 comedians on stage during the last ten years, and he has coached over 100 comedians in 1-to-1 sessions. Alfie loves nothing more than to watch open-mic beginners go on to become full time professional comedians.

If you are ready to take the next step on your comedy journey, the course + coaching package offers the best value.
Buy with confidence

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

If, having completed all the classes in this course, you feel you haven't improved your comedy performance using the exercises and techniques presented, email within 30 days of course completion, and before you start your coaching sessions. We will happily refund your full payment.

Even if you are not entirely sure this course will work for you, go ahead and enrol anyway.

If the course works, you will look at your material and performance in a whole new light, and your comedy progress will accelerate. If it doesn't work for you, email us, after completing all the videos, and before you begin coaching, for a complete refund.

Enrol now. There's a lot to gain, and nothing to lose.
Can I buy the course only?

If you just don't want coaching...

Not everyone wants to buy coaching at this stage. You might prefer to advance one step at a time, and there's nothing wrong with that.

If that's you, we continue to offer Stepping Forward In Stand-Up Comedy as a standalone course, no coaching included. Just head over to the course page to buy the course only.

If you're trying to keep costs down...

If you decided against coaching just to keep costs down, we get it. Times are tough. If you are still undecided--and you don't want to miss the big saving on buying course and coaching together--you could consider paying for course + coaching by instalments. But we don't want you to spend more than you can afford right now.

If you go ahead with the course-only option, we promise you will get a ton of value and we'll keep you informed if we ever offer discounts on coaching in future.
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