Podcast Interview - Writing and Editing. 'You Have to Write It and Edit It Before You Perform It'

Nov 13 / Alfie Noakes

Click the video below to watch and listen. Here are the timings for some of the (paraphrased) key questions that Wayne laid on me. Enjoy!

01:50 Did you grow up covered in stand-up comedy? (What's your back story)

04:00 The role and skills of the MC..?

06:15 How much improvising is there? What are some risks of doing crowd work?

10:00 Writing stories... films and stand-up. How much do comedians recognize that writing is absolutely essential?

17:10 How to establish more character and attitude... how do power words help?

18:10 Do your students focus more on getting on the stage or writing? Do you find there is a lot of poor writing in your students? How can calibration help?

25:33 Is it right, you have live workshops and online courses? What are some key lessons?


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