Podcast Interview - The Light Inside. Humour's Bad Reputation... feat. Alfie Noakes

Nov 28 / Alfie Noakes

Click the Play icon on the image below to listen. The Light Inside is one of the top 5% of psychology podcasts on the planet. I did not know what the title of my episode would be, until it dropped. It was bemusing to learn it was, Humour's Bad Reputation. The Role Comedy Plays in Both Social Bonding and Emotional Coping. In the period where the warm and friendly Jeffrey and I were discussing the prospect of my being a guest, it was clear he was most interested in the negative side of comedy. Which really isn't something I've had to ponder much in the past... as I see soooo many positives. I was rather surprised at the angle he was focused upon. In the end, I just said, if he's really up-for-it, bring whatever he wants and I'll respond, dismantle and joust as best as I can. Jeffrey said yes, and this is the result. I've never had to handle an interview like this one before. I hope you like it.

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