Podcast Interview - Super Powers School. How Does Stand-Up Comedy Improve Public Speaking?

Oct 13 / Alfie Noakes

Click the video below. Here are the timings for some of the key questions that Paddy laid on me. Enjoy!

07:10 Who should care about comedy, and why?

11:08 If somebody out there is preparing for a talk or going to be in front of a crowd for whatever reason, and they're thinking of incorporating some comedy into their workshop or talk where would they start?

16: 50 How do you keep an audience engaged?... psychology, how important of a role does that play into the way that you go about designing your humor? And the way that you're delivering.

22:25 What are some of the other elements that are important? For example, when we're public speaking... body language, like how important are all of these things?

23:45 And would you say everybody in the world could acquire this skill? At a basic level anyway or are there some people who are just beyond hope?

26:10 What's your advice there? If somebody did want to be a bit more fluid in their comedy?

30:25 And are there any tips on structuring a joke? So like, number of words before you drop the punchline?

35:35 What if things are going wrong? Do you always have a plan B at all? If for example, first few jokes haven't landed...Play on...


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