28th April 2024

NOTTINGHAM. MCing Open Mic Comedy with Alfie Noakes

NOTTINGHAM. MCing Open Mic Comedy with Alfie Noakes is an in-depth, in-person one-day workshop for those who want to step up their stand-up and learn some of the key skills of MCing, arguably the most important role at any gig

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About this workshop

Workshop leader
Alfie Noakes
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What it is
The key focus of this friendly one day workshop is to give new(ish) comedians everything you need to become an accomplished MC on the open-mic circuit, where your duties go far beyond simply saying who's up next.

This workshop will provide the essential information as what is expected of an MC, best practices, pitfalls to avoid and how best to mine your comedy in this essential role. Many of the skills and lessons also apply to public speaking outside of a comedy club.

You will cover how to stay "in the room", house-keeping, crowd work, dealing with hecklers, having responsibility to the show, introducing acts, working in your own material and more. After the workshop, you will have all the techniques you need to obtain the most laughs and maintain the energy in the room, quite literally "to keep the flow in the show!"

You will also learn what grass roots promoters look for in an MC (and seek to avoid), how to win more stage time as an MC (and as an act) and how to makes the most of the open-mic circuit from a point of view that is not simply that of a performer running 5s and 10s.

The day will be part straight class, part performance and review, with tailored advice for each and every attendee. The final Q&A session will open the day up to asking about pretty much any issue you like. At least, so far as live comedy goes...
Who leads it
Alfie Noakes has been MCing and running stand-up shows for more than a decade. Under the We Are Funny Project banner, Alfie's shows have packed out venues up to six nights a week, and featuring thousands of new and established acts.

Alfie has personally MCed over 1,000 shows--both professional and open-mic--and promoted over 1500.

Having seen first hand the obstacles faced by comedians like you, Alfie launched a series of comedy workshops in 2015--since attended by well over 1,000 comedians--to help you develop new material, master new skills, and accelerate your comedy career. Feedback has been overwhelming positive, and Alfie now devotes most of his time to leading these workshops, creating online courses for comedians who cannot attend in person, and working 1-to-1 with comedians who are serious about taking their career to the next level.

What people say
"I did the MCing workshop - a densely packed highly valuable afternoon with everyone getting a chance to apply what they had learned and get feedback twice. Alfie is an excellent coach with the exact right balance of straight talk and encouragement. If you are thinking of MCing, this course will save you 2 years of trial an error. Can't recommend highly enough"

"Just completed Alfie’s MC event. A hell of a lot of information crammed into five hours. Any budding MC should really consider doing this course to learn about the do’s and don’ts of being a comedy MC"

"I did the MC workshop with Alfie and it was brilliant. I learnt so much about how to MC a gig. The chance to practice MCing in a welcoming, non-judgmental environment is a highlight of the workshop. Alfie really took the time to give everyone good, specific feedback about how they can individually improve. Highly recommend for anyone thinking of MCing!"

"Alfie runs the rarest of things - an open mic night that's great for comedians and punters alike. Always a great atmosphere and a nice place to perform. Would also really high recommend the comedy MCing workshop - I learnt a lot of practical tips and skills, and it was great value for money."
When it is
12pm to 6:00pm, 28th April 2024
where it is
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The Navigation Inn, 6 Wilford Street, Canal Side, Nottingham NG2 1AA

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