27th April 2024

Clowning and Physical Comedy with Dave Thompson

Clowning and Physical Comedy with Dave Thompson is an in-depth, in-person one-day workshop for Beginners and experienced performers who want to explore their inner idiot, and enjoy the flop. Dave Thompson’s Workshop is a safe space to be sane in this insane world.

Book now on Eventbrite, then join us at Farr's School of Dancing in Dalston on 27th April 2024. You can also give this workshop as a gift.
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About this workshop

Workshop leader
Dave Thompson
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What it is
Find your inner clown, and allow him or her, to play. "Early Bird" tickets are available at £65 until 1130pm on Monday May 15th, then the price will rises to £85.

Are you tired of being sensible? Then try being stupid.

The clown starts full of hope, and finishes in fiasco.

The clown is open, simple, stupid - and happy.

The clown walks on stage with a heart full of love, and no ideas.

The audience loves the clown for their humanity, not for their slick performance.

Some great clowns don’t wear clown costume. Tommy Cooper, Eric Morecombe, Rik Mayall, Harry Hill and Tim Vine celebrate the silly.

This one-day workshop is for beginners and experienced performers to explore their inner idiot, and enjoy the flop. Let go of cool, and romp under a full moon using half of your brain. Dave Thompson’s workshop is a safe space to be sane in this insane world.

The course is practical, but includes some theory. The day involves:

- Clown types – the Auguste, and the Bouffon
- The difference between the Clown and the Fool
- Simple games
- Improvising
- Clown Entrances and exits
- The Circle
- Ensemble playing
- Wobbling

Please bring comfortable clothing and be prepared to sit or lie on the floor. You can bring old clothes, masks, hats, toys, instruments, and dolls, if you like.
Who leads it
Dave Thompson has performed stand-up comedy in forty-three countries. Known for his zany style, he's written material for many famous names including Harry Hill, Omid Djalili, Ronnie Corbett, Bruce Forsyth, Stewart Lee, and Phil Nichol.

He has appeared in five feature films and numerous TV shows including Harry Hill’s TV Burp, Al Murray’s ‘Time Gentlemen Please’ and ’The Last Kingdom’ on Netflix. He’s best-known as the actor inside the Tinky Winky costume in the world-famous TV show 'Teletubbies.’

Dave is also a visiting lecturer at London’s Central School of Speech and Drama, and on the comedy degree course at Solent University. He has taught comedy courses in London, Cardiff, Brighton, Atlantic College (Wales), Budapest, Nässjö and Örebro in Sweden.

Dave’s novel ‘The Sex Life of a Comedian’, is available on Amazon.
What people say
Mike Gunn - Dave Thompson's comedy course kick started my career. I don't think I would be doing comedy today if I had not attended that course.

Susan Murray - Dave Thompson is a fantastic teacher. He has a true comedy mind.

Mike Lash - Fantastic workshop. Useful for stand up, improv and just a background knowledge of Clowning. It's not about painted faces and red noses. This is an active workshop that really makes you think about how you approach performance. We all got loads of performance time and when you're watching others you're enthralled.

Gary Shaw A very interesting and great fun afternoon. Dave is not only a very funny comedian, but really knows his stuff. Parts of the workshop, I had enormous fun doing, but wasn't sure what they were about. But in hindsight, you can see precisely where they were heading towards.

Samee Raz - Dave is someone who truly cares about his students and will give them the best opportunities he can to help them go as far in their career as possible, I have benefitted immensely from attending his lessons.

Mark Wilson - Having already performed Stand Up for a while I wanted the confidence to move out of my comfort zone and try new types of comedy, in particular character based. Dave's course gave me the confidence to push my boundaries and the detailed constructive feedback has opened the door for me to loads of new comedy opportunities. Whether an absolute novice or a seasoned professional, anyone who enjoys making people laugh will benefit from the course - I cant recommend it highly enough!

Pete Woolly - Dave Thompson is the man to go to learn and help you on your comedy career. His course, with great constructive feedback and unwavering encouragement, gave me the self belief that I can do this - and I will, so watch this space!

Terianne Falcone - In Dave Thompson's course I got trained in the nuts and bolts of structuring a 10-minute spot, I learned about -- get this! -- comic THEORY (ha!) and I discovered my own particular comic strengths. Dave left me with tools that I am now working with. In addition, he is just a helluva person. Take the class!

Jo Wonder - Dave Thompson using twenty years of experience as a pro comedian. Taught us like a judo black belt. We learnt that, to make em laugh- you have to catch people on their back foot, take them by surprise- and it works.

Luke Stickels - In his comedy classes, Dave has an eye for individual strengths and potential, which I reckon comes from his great understanding of comedy, and his respect for how diverse it can be. A good balance practical feedback and a bit of theory and structure, Dave helped me figure out what plain 'works'. Personally, I still don't think I look like Rolf Harris, but I wouldn't have gotten up for my first gig without his encouragement.
When it is
12:30pm to 5:30pm, 27th April 2024
where it is
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Farr's School of Dancing, 17-19 Dalston Lane, E8 3DF
How to get there
By train: Dalston Kingsland, Dalston Junction
By bus: 76, 141, 149, 242, 243, 276, 277, 488

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